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‘’Don’t do it!’’ I yelled but Shane decided he just wouldn’t listen to my cries for mercy. The waterfall started raining down onto my poor head. I pleaded so long for him to pull me out of the waterfall. Finally he pulled me out and I was drenched.

It took another ten minutes to completely dry off . By the time that had finished I noticed we were going around in circles. I thought to myself ,It could just be Shane’s steering, but then once we had done another full circle I started getting a few suspicions.I asked Shane what he was doing and he said nothing but I got the point when he spun the canoe around another four times.

These  were just two of the great moments I had while paddling down the river with Shane.

Matt Arnold

Blog thing whateves 

as nat lay the last of his stash down of the ground all that was left to see was three Vs,two large bags of doritos,three packets of reeces pieces,two large mountain dew bottles and one medium sized packet of grain waves and call of duty ,were we’re gonna celebrate ethans birthday like never before.I may have been the only one who didnt eat very much but cant say the same for ethan and nat .I feel sorry for them because nobody couldve known that they had a fitnnes assment the following days. 


My opinion on what happened 

The part in the story that i didn’t understand was that the parents went to the high court to say something like that the kids clearly dont deserve to go in the competition becuof what they did at the airport so how can some parents come and just get them back into the competition just like that.

I think the parents shoulndt have done this because now they have probably made the children think the can get away with anything witch they should not be able to do.I also think it should be the schools decision and have nothing to do with the high court, two words for what the parents did “uncalled for”.

Camp reflection 


On camp I learnt that four days of constant paddling really starts to hurt your shoulders. I also learnt a lot about history,including paddle boats were a main form of transport and one of them even being capable of taking the new zealand sympathy orchestra up the river to perform. Another cool fact I learned was that the film The River Queen was filmed on the Whanganui River. Something interesting someone told me was that only two cars ever went over the Bridge to Nowhere.

One crazy thing I discovered is that i can I can go four days without electronic devices.One more thing I found out was that i could go down 87 kilometres of river and rapids and still feel able to do even more paddling.

Out of the many interesting thing I learnt about my peers I think the one I should share /warn people about is that Ethan is possible of creating mass havoc when he eats gassy foods.

The thing that challenged me the most on camp was probably the two harder rapids but the way I over came this was relying on Nat and Shanes steering skills and paddling my heart out at the same time.

My thoughts at the start of camp were “I have three more days of this stuff” but it got a lot easier and I figured out that canoing was probably the easiest part of the camp for me. 

The thing I enjoyed most would either be canoeing down the river with Shane or just relaxing after each canoeing trip and sitting down and socialising with my friends .I also have to add it was quite fun canoeing down the last strech with Nat.


White hat i learned alot about fault lines in science and we went to edjcumbe to look at the fault line this was very interesting because i have never seen something like that formed in my whole life

red hat i feel good becuase i have enjoyed school this week because the subjects were easy to understand such as science and maths since sian the best teacher ever made the class very enjoyable by putting in some opportunities to use the skills i have learned in my graphics correspondents 

Yellow the positive thing this week is that i had saxophone practice which is probably my favourite class at rangitaiki indepent school because we have got new pieces to practice and it is very important that we be able to play them because we may need to in jazz band or normal band

Black hat the negative part for this week was that big michael was leaving this very sad because mike has been a very good friend and has helped me keep my sanity.mike has also been a huge allie to my happiness as evertime he plays for square at lunch time with us he posseses the abilitie to make everyone luagh by using an incredibly small amount of words.

Purple hat i used the cornerstone value of honesty for saying that i didnt do my homework Because i hadnt done the reading or gotten my parents to sign my diary saying i had done my mathletics and i also hadnt sent my comments to sian.

Blue hats i think i partially achieved last weeks goals becuase i think i have improved my handwriting in literacy class but i dont think i succeeded On completing my homework on time


I have a passion for incredibly cute creatures…

                                Foxy the pirate is the most loved anametronic in the hole five nights at freddys series i mean when he comes and scares you dont you just wanna give him a hug.

 Pugs are the start of a new revulution if you go anywere on the internet you are bound to find a pug weraing a funny costume.


I think video game and movie rating are called for in some situations but i think people should think about it some more example I have have played an R16 game that had no gore what so ever and it was about killer squirrels.Here is another example the Halo game series has or normaly been R16 until the series was sold to another company 343 industries.The new game has extremely life like graphics therefore making it more graphic and detailed than the other games but there is one difference the new halo game was only rated m.this has been changed sinse but a child can still go into a store and find an copy of the m rated case.

I think movies are a bit different from video games becuase you have no prediction over what is going to happen unlike some games (mass effect,swtor and skyrim).